Making a positive change – my personal leadership opportunity

My ‘personal leadership opportunity’ A year ago I started my personal leadership opportunity ‘to reduce the amount of waste produced and disposed of’ in my business, overall helping it become more sustainable. In this blog post I look at: Achievements: what I’ve achieved over the past year Future: what I’m currently working on and will continue doing for the... Continue Reading →

Small changes make a big difference

Switch the Stick campaign There has been a surge of interest in plastic pollution since Blue Planet II was first broadcast at the end of November 2017. However, I want to highlight a successful campaign which was launched in 2016, before this significant increase in plastic publicity. At the start of 2016, a not for profit... Continue Reading →

Plant-tastic not plastic

I’m halfway through my masters in Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University. Working for a company that provides essential water and wastewater services for 25% of the population of England and Wales and has over 6000 direct employees provides a fantastic opportunity to bring about actual positive change for sustainability. My personal leadership opportunity started by... Continue Reading →

Waste – what is it and how can we reduce it?

I’ve always had an interest in the environment, how we use, interact with it, and depend on it to live. This is what led me towards ‘sustainability’. I started a masters in Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University to bring about a positive change for sustainability during my two years on the programme (and beyond). As... Continue Reading →

Have I got brews for you

Do you know how many litres of water you use a day? When I was asked this for the first time, I immediately thought: “Well, I have at least five cups of tea a day, drink some water, brush teeth, shower, flush the toilet, wash the dishes etc. Hmmm, probably around 80 litres?” No. My... Continue Reading →

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